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Speculated sexyality

For those of us who should be gay, but aren't
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This is a community for those people who everyone seems to think is a sexuality that they're not. Though it's called "notquitequeer", if you're a gay boy/girl that everyone thinks is straight or bi, you're welcome to join as well.

Your first post should be the following survey so we know a little bit about you. After that, feel free to post just about anything relating to sexuality: funny stories, rants, etc. If you post something majorly off topic along the lines of "So I got this really cute shirt, today, and OMG it's hawt," it will be deleted. ANYTHING homophobic, racist, or rude will be deleted. BE NICE to members PLEASE. Nothing derogatory, darlings.

Hokay, so here's the survey...

Name or Nickname:
Current state of commitment:
What people think your sexuality is:
What your sexuality ACTUALLY is:
Favorite band(s):
Favorite book(s):

How do you refuse advances from the gender you DON'T prefer?:
How comfortable are you with having physical contact with either gender?:
How religious are you? Do you think that your religion has any impact on the way you feel about "alternative" sexuality?:
How awesome are you?: