eliotnes (eliotnes) wrote in notquitequeer,

NQQ Celebrities

Not to distract from the awe-inspiring recommendation list down there, but check it:

NQQ ladies.

NQQ gentlemen.

Some of them may amuse you. Kordell Stewart? Will Smith? Gillian Anderson? I have a huge crush on Gillian Anderson, so that can only be a good thing.
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Could I ask where you found that 'Google Answer' thread for the NQQ Gentlemen list (of which Tom Selleck, at least, has been quitequitequeer for no small amount of time) as I hadn't seen its like before, wasn't the asker being grossly unfair to Missy?
I searched 'gay rumors' and those were some of the first lists that came up...

Not only was the poster unfair, he suffered from extreme mood swings as well. He gives her 1 of 5 stars and then apologizes and says he was grossly unfair, without bothering to change his ratings.

Obviously, he is manic-depressive and difficult to work with and is therefore a lesbian.
Oh, and don't think I didn't pick up on "the awe-inspiring recommendation list" bit, you cheeky moo, I've got my eye on you O reaper of threads! =;¬p
Depressingly pathetic, isn't it? The Kristy McNichol "tidbit" really summed up what the rumours actually amount to;

"Kristy McNichol - Difficult to work with. Manic-depressive. Lesbian"

ie "Doesn't do what we tell her to!!"
I was noticing that. This line caught my eye too:

Bisexual with an insatiable sexual appetite. Breast implants. Reportedly mentally & emotionally
unstable; abused/neglected as a child, which might explain that.

Surprisingly, no one has accused Theresa Heinz of being a lesbian yet. Because, I mean, she could hook up with Hillary and Condoleeza.