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Top of the Hots

I was going to post something truly awe inspiring but, instead, I just fiddled around with the Live Journal mechanic, dredging up some sexuality (as interest) figures, and here they are, in case you were interested, in order of popularity/solidarity;

Bisexuality : 384 communities and 451 users
and Bisexual: 389 communities and 434 users

Homosexuality : 387 communities and 427 users
and Homosexual: 407 communities and 377 users

Pansexuality : 160 communities and 429 users
and Pansexual: 240 communities and 402 users

Asexuality : 67 communities and 416 users
and Asexual: 96 communities and 202 users

Metrosexuality : 17 communities and 252 users
and Metrosexual: 27 communities and 208 users

Omnisexuality : 17 communities and 102 users
and Omnisexual: 21 communities and 60 users

Hetrosexuality : 12 communities and 20 users
and Hetrosexual: 10 communities and 20 users

And, by means of a control;

Sexuality = 390 communities and 453 users

Now, obviously, these results are not representative of those who didn't feel the need to express an interest and are modified by the LJ engine; itself seeming to cap, somewhat mysteriously, numbers of more than 460 (it can't all be user antithesis to large groups of likeminded individuals) but they are telling, in that one may form an idea of what is hot and what is not in expressed sexuality.

Did I miss any, anyone care to discuss your place in the order - assuming that the average heterosexual doesn't need to shout about it where the average homosexual might - and could this be any more boring? Let me know!
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