Voodoo Canapé (voodoo_canape) wrote in notquitequeer,
Voodoo Canapé


Hello all,

My [nick]name is Jamie, I'm somewhat shy of thirty (if little else) and I am writing from Blackheath, London. I am committed to my friends, my own improvement and to finishing this post undeterred.

I wouldn't say that those who know me have reached any more of a conclusion over my sexuality than I have but, thinking about it, I get a lot of 'Gay' and 'Broken' labels. In truth I am a romantic first and a gender discriminator second, not that I have ever felt comfortable with sex generally, sorry to disappoint?

I have a fairly broad taste in music, I don't really do favourites, but gravitate naturally toward haunting melody and poignant lyric (Dream City Film Club are a fair example). In literature, give me anything by Lord Dunsany or James Joyce and a little quiet.

How do you refuse advances from the gender you DON'T prefer?: I don't discriminate in my likely refusal of either sex, taking the form of a polite, self-effacing half-explanation of abstinence.

How comfortable are you with having physical contact with either gender?: You know I'm not sure, I prefer personal dynamic to generalisation but, having been close to members of both camps, I would say that women make more suitable friends for me than men and I have never got on with that whole repressive, thigh-slapping male support network so that would factor against some lads.

How religious are you? Do you think that your religion has any impact on the way you feel about "alternative" sexuality?: As a romantic you'd think that I would be easy prey for spirituality but, like a young C. S. Lewis, I remain firmly on the run. So, no, atheism imposes but few barriers to my way of thinking.

How awesome are you?: Well, if you are reading this, noting the words but wondering why I'm not actually managing to say anything then you will realise that I am just not all that awesome.
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