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Name or Nickname: Kat
Age: 18
Location: computer desk, usa
Current state of commitment: uhh...high? I guess? It's pretty serious...
What people think your sexuality is: I never thought to really ask what anyone thought I was...
What your sexuality ACTUALLY is: I identify with bisexuality
Favorite band(s):Ratatat, Live, Relient K...
Favorite book(s): A Series of Unfortunate Events by lemony snicket, and the Dark Elf stories by R.A. Salvatore...
Hobbies: crafting things out of bones and fur.

How do you refuse advances from the gender you DON'T prefer?: I don't have an unprefered gender, I just have certain people I don't like...

How comfortable are you with having physical contact with either gender?: Pleasantly
How religious are you? I'm not so much religious as I am spiritual...
Do you think that your religion has any impact on the way you feel about "alternative" sexuality?: Not really...
How awesome are you?: Super Duper AWESOME!

the end.
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