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Name or Nickname: Nanaya

Age: 28

Location: London

Current state of commitment: Open relationship (primary)

What people think your sexuality is: straight, or sometimes bi if insightful or not confused by my feminine appearance

What your sexuality ACTUALLY is: non-gender-discriminatory. I fancy people I can have good conversations with. could perhaps be described as ‘sapiosexual’, tho I’ll say “bi” to avoid confusion

Favorite band(s): Ataraxia, Marc Almond, David Bowie, Death In June, Corpus Delicti, The Faint, PJ Harvey

Favorite book(s): “The Bloody Chamber” – Angela Carter, “Dancers At The End Of Time” – Michael Moorcock, “The Marriage Of Likeness : Same-Sex Marriage In Pre-Modern Europe” – John Boswell, “Pagans And Christians” – Robin Lane Fox, “Secret History Of Pornography” – Isabel Tang

Hobbies: argument and debate, English law (particularly Employment), lazing, collecting comics and vinyl, obscurantism AND being pretentiously anti-pretension, contrariness, believing in six impossible things before breakfast

How do you refuse advances from the gender you DON'T prefer?: it’s not gender-based, it’s person-based. and I’m not very good at saying no!

How comfortable are you with having physical contact with either gender?: very

How religious are you? Do you think that your religion has any impact on the way you feel about "alternative" sexuality?: somewhat pagan in a fairly non-denominational way. It probably helps

How awesome are you?: so-so. in some ways more than others. I’m awesome at being irritating when I choose!
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