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I feel the spirit moving me to tell y'all about my personal notquitequeer moment of the week.

You've probably all read in kickstartmyfart's journal, about the re-opening of the Squirrel Hill library. But then, if you hate Devra, and can't stand to read her journal, then you haven't.

Anyways, while standing in the line for balloon animals, Devra and I noticed that the ballon guy was looking rather overheated and I offered to get him a glass of water. After he presented me with my (beautiful) balloon bumble bee, I set of on the nobel quest of finding water in the library.

Once I had succeeded, I returned to my beloved Devra, and we paraded out of the library. She later informed me that after I had wandered off, the balloon guy had said something that started with "Your girlfriend..." Feel free to tell me what the actual quote was, Devra.

The point of my posting that wasn't that it brings up memories of a great day spent running around Squirrel Hill with a cat nose and whiskers painted on my face, but rather to recall an instance, the first this year, when someone has supposed me to not only be gay, but to be hanging out with my girlfriend.

Ok, maybe it's the second.

Or tenth.

ps. I was going to post about this in my own journal, but then I had this brainwave, and realized, hey that's what notquitequeer is here for! Notquitequeer moments! It was a great feeling.
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