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Thursday, July 27th, 2006
10:50 pm

babes... it has been a while, and i feel it is time for me to update.

Name or Nickname: Shmorkey M. Lime
Location:Pittsburgh, PA
Current state of commitment:single, but loved by many
What people think your sexuality is: some still think that i have a prefernce for noone
What your sexuality ACTUALLY is:lesbian
Favorite band(s):damn.. well recently i have been listening to alot of Damian Marley, because it rcoks my pears...ears
Favorite book(s): i am reading A Handmaid's tale by Margaret Atwood
Hobbies: i love expressing my self through all kinds of art. and i like babies.

How do you refuse advances from the gender you DON'T prefer?: USUALLY they can tell.
How comfortable are you with having physical contact with either gender?: i really like women more, but i really love hugs from anyone.
How religious are you? Do you think that your religion has any impact on the way you feel about "alternative" sexuality?:i respect the earth and it's natural cycle's and inhabitants. i am sure the earth has no problem with people who chose to be themselves
How awesome are you?:i chose to be who i am, and am trying to live my life to its fullest. i think that is pretty good.

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Monday, April 10th, 2006
6:40 pm

So today when a tour group was wandering the length of my campus, someone opened their window and craked the hell out of their stereo.

"What was playing?" you might ask.

"Why, the sound of a woman having some mind bending sex," is the only answer I can give.

I thought you people would enjoy that. I also thought that I'm a bad moderator.


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Monday, February 13th, 2006
10:49 pm

Name or Nickname: Kat
Age: 18
Location: computer desk, usa
Current state of commitment: uhh...high? I guess? It's pretty serious...
What people think your sexuality is: I never thought to really ask what anyone thought I was...
What your sexuality ACTUALLY is: I identify with bisexuality
Favorite band(s):Ratatat, Live, Relient K...
Favorite book(s): A Series of Unfortunate Events by lemony snicket, and the Dark Elf stories by R.A. Salvatore...
Hobbies: crafting things out of bones and fur.

How do you refuse advances from the gender you DON'T prefer?: I don't have an unprefered gender, I just have certain people I don't like...

How comfortable are you with having physical contact with either gender?: Pleasantly
How religious are you? I'm not so much religious as I am spiritual...
Do you think that your religion has any impact on the way you feel about "alternative" sexuality?: Not really...
How awesome are you?: Super Duper AWESOME!

the end.

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Monday, November 7th, 2005
8:42 pm

Because I'm bored I figured I would join your fabulous community.

InformationCollapse )

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Thursday, August 25th, 2005
12:12 am - NQQ Celebrities

Not to distract from the awe-inspiring recommendation list down there, but check it:

NQQ ladies.

NQQ gentlemen.

Some of them may amuse you. Kordell Stewart? Will Smith? Gillian Anderson? I have a huge crush on Gillian Anderson, so that can only be a good thing.

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Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
3:10 pm - Recommendation list, see below why not?

Sorry for my absence, I've been e-incommunicado. I can see that things have been as busy as ever here at notquitequeer but that's alright, let's see what we can do about it.

Should I post something specific or are any of you up for some camaraderie and/or communication? batshua, eliotnes I'm looking in your direction. ;8¬)

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Friday, August 5th, 2005
4:17 pm - Top of the Hots

I was going to post something truly awe inspiring but, instead, I just fiddled around with the Live Journal mechanic, dredging up some sexuality (as interest) figures, and here they are, in case you were interested, in order of popularity/solidarity;

Bisexuality : 384 communities and 451 users
and Bisexual: 389 communities and 434 users

Homosexuality : 387 communities and 427 users
and Homosexual: 407 communities and 377 users

Pansexuality : 160 communities and 429 users
and Pansexual: 240 communities and 402 users

Asexuality : 67 communities and 416 users
and Asexual: 96 communities and 202 users

Metrosexuality : 17 communities and 252 users
and Metrosexual: 27 communities and 208 users

Omnisexuality : 17 communities and 102 users
and Omnisexual: 21 communities and 60 users

Hetrosexuality : 12 communities and 20 users
and Hetrosexual: 10 communities and 20 users

And, by means of a control;

Sexuality = 390 communities and 453 users

Now, obviously, these results are not representative of those who didn't feel the need to express an interest and are modified by the LJ engine; itself seeming to cap, somewhat mysteriously, numbers of more than 460 (it can't all be user antithesis to large groups of likeminded individuals) but they are telling, in that one may form an idea of what is hot and what is not in expressed sexuality.

Did I miss any, anyone care to discuss your place in the order - assuming that the average heterosexual doesn't need to shout about it where the average homosexual might - and could this be any more boring? Let me know!

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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
12:45 pm

Name or Nickname: Nanaya

Age: 28

Location: London

Current state of commitment: Open relationship (primary)

What people think your sexuality is: straight, or sometimes bi if insightful or not confused by my feminine appearance

What your sexuality ACTUALLY is: non-gender-discriminatory. I fancy people I can have good conversations with. could perhaps be described as ‘sapiosexual’, tho I’ll say “bi” to avoid confusion

Favorite band(s): Ataraxia, Marc Almond, David Bowie, Death In June, Corpus Delicti, The Faint, PJ Harvey

Favorite book(s): “The Bloody Chamber” – Angela Carter, “Dancers At The End Of Time” – Michael Moorcock, “The Marriage Of Likeness : Same-Sex Marriage In Pre-Modern Europe” – John Boswell, “Pagans And Christians” – Robin Lane Fox, “Secret History Of Pornography” – Isabel Tang

Hobbies: argument and debate, English law (particularly Employment), lazing, collecting comics and vinyl, obscurantism AND being pretentiously anti-pretension, contrariness, believing in six impossible things before breakfast

How do you refuse advances from the gender you DON'T prefer?: it’s not gender-based, it’s person-based. and I’m not very good at saying no!

How comfortable are you with having physical contact with either gender?: very

How religious are you? Do you think that your religion has any impact on the way you feel about "alternative" sexuality?: somewhat pagan in a fairly non-denominational way. It probably helps

How awesome are you?: so-so. in some ways more than others. I’m awesome at being irritating when I choose!

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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
4:54 pm - HELLO-Llo-lo-o

Reading back I must admit that I am feeling somewhat self-conscious about my age, you are all baby sweethearts, and the fact that the community seemed to have existed in a brief flurry of frenetic activity before everyone just...stopped...talking? I will choke back my reservations, like so much home cooking, and wait to see how often folk stop by these parts.

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Monday, August 1st, 2005
6:29 pm - Hello

Hello all,

My [nick]name is Jamie, I'm somewhat shy of thirty (if little else) and I am writing from Blackheath, London. I am committed to my friends, my own improvement and to finishing this post undeterred.

I wouldn't say that those who know me have reached any more of a conclusion over my sexuality than I have but, thinking about it, I get a lot of 'Gay' and 'Broken' labels. In truth I am a romantic first and a gender discriminator second, not that I have ever felt comfortable with sex generally, sorry to disappoint?

I have a fairly broad taste in music, I don't really do favourites, but gravitate naturally toward haunting melody and poignant lyric (Dream City Film Club are a fair example). In literature, give me anything by Lord Dunsany or James Joyce and a little quiet.

How do you refuse advances from the gender you DON'T prefer?: I don't discriminate in my likely refusal of either sex, taking the form of a polite, self-effacing half-explanation of abstinence.

How comfortable are you with having physical contact with either gender?: You know I'm not sure, I prefer personal dynamic to generalisation but, having been close to members of both camps, I would say that women make more suitable friends for me than men and I have never got on with that whole repressive, thigh-slapping male support network so that would factor against some lads.

How religious are you? Do you think that your religion has any impact on the way you feel about "alternative" sexuality?: As a romantic you'd think that I would be easy prey for spirituality but, like a young C. S. Lewis, I remain firmly on the run. So, no, atheism imposes but few barriers to my way of thinking.

How awesome are you?: Well, if you are reading this, noting the words but wondering why I'm not actually managing to say anything then you will realise that I am just not all that awesome.

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Friday, May 20th, 2005
11:57 am
sullen_sinuous aww, i feel bad for neglecting this poor little community. so in the spirit of giving, lets talk about sex. whats something you like/prefer to do sexually, or would like/prefer to do, that is generally considered ummm... different, shall we say, for your sexuality? for example, i am bisexual, i have slept with more boys than i have girls, but with boys, i have never done, nor do i desire to do, anything... hmmm, how shall i put this... oh sod it, any thing anal. i prefer just to have oral sex with boys. but with girls, i really have no desire for them to perform oral sex on me, yet i am perfectly happy to do it for them, and then just ye olde fashioned sex, but missionary is quite boring. so do tell.
yeah, i've been drinking.

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Thursday, May 19th, 2005
6:57 pm - I'm still trying to breathe some life into this community

Okay, so we have a poll. Because I say there is one and, guess what, I rule, k babies?

Anyhow, Rachael ((GHEEFREAK)) posted last time about some chick she'd like to bang ((BUT SHE'S NOT GAY LOLZ)). Basically: the way this survey/poll thing works...if you're straight, link us to a picture of someone you'd go gay for. Gay? Someone you'd go straight for. Bi/Pansexual? Link to one of each!

<3, Devra

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
9:24 am - I Go Gay For.....

drumroll....Collapse )

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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
12:07 am - Felt this was appropriate for here.

Found this link via the f-list, and thought it might be an appropriate post (even if it is talking about porn.).


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Monday, May 2nd, 2005
8:38 pm

i wonder if rainbow contact lens are on sale..... that would be whoa baby...
crazy shtuff exists out there...

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Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
1:03 pm

I feel the spirit moving me to tell y'all about my personal notquitequeer moment of the week.

You've probably all read in kickstartmyfart's journal, about the re-opening of the Squirrel Hill library. But then, if you hate Devra, and can't stand to read her journal, then you haven't.

Anyways, while standing in the line for balloon animals, Devra and I noticed that the ballon guy was looking rather overheated and I offered to get him a glass of water. After he presented me with my (beautiful) balloon bumble bee, I set of on the nobel quest of finding water in the library.

Once I had succeeded, I returned to my beloved Devra, and we paraded out of the library. She later informed me that after I had wandered off, the balloon guy had said something that started with "Your girlfriend..." Feel free to tell me what the actual quote was, Devra.

The point of my posting that wasn't that it brings up memories of a great day spent running around Squirrel Hill with a cat nose and whiskers painted on my face, but rather to recall an instance, the first this year, when someone has supposed me to not only be gay, but to be hanging out with my girlfriend.

Ok, maybe it's the second.

Or tenth.

ps. I was going to post about this in my own journal, but then I had this brainwave, and realized, hey that's what notquitequeer is here for! Notquitequeer moments! It was a great feeling.

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
8:05 pm

So I was thinking about this today. Truman Capote, was he gay or was he not. I can't find anything about his sexuality. He strikes me as being RAWTHAH gay.

He once said "You can never be too rich or too thin."

He wrote "Breakfast at Tiffanies" for Marily Monroe, who was a close friend. Holly Golightly is based on her.

That's really all I know about him, except that he seems to have been very effete. And gay.

Anyone know for sure?

Either way, I nominate him as the inagural member of the Notquitequeer Hall Of Fame!


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5:32 pm

CAPA should put up its rainbow banner....
ra ra
it is in one of the visual art storage rooms, i saw it.


- grandma shmorkey-

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
8:14 pm - Day of Silence

So, to ((hopefully)) start a thread...how many of you guys participated in the International Day of Silence? Any comments on that, stories, feedback? Anything?

Let's get this community kickin'!

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
7:46 pm

So this is the last fake post I'll make before getting to actual business, but I fixed everything, and now it's all prettyful. Y'all like it?

I know I do.

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